Cleaning a Commercial Washroom - Part 1

When cleaning your washroom do you have the correct equipment to do the job effectively?
Here at TDB we can supply you with all the cleaning products and equipment that you will need to complete the job all at great prices!

Items that you will need when cleaning a washroom include:

- A cleaning caddy or trolley to store all the products and equipment. All washroom cleaning products should be correctly colour coded and marked so as not to be used elsewhere in the building.
- Gloves - to protect your hands
SIGNWETFLOOR- Wet floor signs - to prevent any slips and trips in the area due to wet floors.
- Disinfecting surface cleaner
- Glass cleaner - Sterizar can be used as a hard surface spray and glass cleaner in one!
- Floor cleaner
- Cleaning products for the toilet bowl and a toilet
- Products to maintain drains to reduce blockages.
- Mop and bucket. One with a wringer will ensure the floors are not left excessively wet.
- Squeegee to reduce excess water in changing rooms or swimming pools
- Scouring pads and cloths in the correct colour to prevent them being used elsewhere.
- Microfibre cloths
- Rubbish sacks

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