Cleaning Tips around the Home

Here are some easy cleaning tips to help make your life easier when cleaning at home!


Use a liquid soap rather than a bar of soap. A bar of soap can harbour germs!  Try our Sterizar hand wash.

Leave shower doors or shower curtains open after a shower to allow them to dry out thoroughly! This will reduce the likelihood of mould developing.


Ensure you use separate chopping boards for meat, vegetables, seafood etc. Plastic chopping boards are best as they are easier to clean than wood.  Always wash your hands with Sterizar hand wash after touching raw meat.

When cleaning the kitchen, don't forget to clean the cupboard handles, fridge handle, bins and tap handles. You can use Sterizar wipes or our hard surface spray.

Keep your fridge clean and hygienic by wiping down with Sterizar hard surface spray regularly.

Wash your hands with Sterizar hand wash after touching the bin if you don't have a pedal bin.

To remove fingerprints from a stainless steel appliance, use a small amount of baby oil on a napkin or cloth.


Have floor mats at the front and back doors to reduce dirt coming in to the house and then ensure you and your guests remove your shoes.

Try to reduce the amount of clutter in your home, this way there are less items collecting dust and allergens.  And less dusting to do!

Never spray cleaning products directly on to electronics as this may cause damage. Its best to use a soft cloth with the products sprayed on. If you have a docking station for your ipod or phone, use a slightly damp cloth to remove any excess dust.

Dampen a cloth slightly with Sterizar to clean remote controls. We touch these regularly so these are often germ hotspots.

Venetian blinds are fiddly to clean as they get really dusty quickly! Use a damp microfibre cloth and wipe regularly to prevent a build up!  Feather dusters often just move dust around the house.

Plants in the house get dusty too, try rinsing in the shower with tepid gently flowing water.


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