Workplace Cleaning - Cupboard Essentials

So you have started a new business and have just employed a cleaner. Have you thought about what items they may need in their cleaning cupboard? Here is a quick list of some essential products:

Cleaning Supplies:

Multi-purpose cleaner - Eg: Sterizar Hard Surface spray / 5Litre solution. This ST750HScan be used around the workplace and can even be used on mirrors and stainless steel products. TOILCLNDESCEVANS1L

Good Quality Toilet Cleaner  and Toilet Brush - Eg - EvansToilet Cleaner and Descaler

Floor Cleaner - Eg Steri49 floor cleaner 

Polish and Dusting Cloth - Eg Mr Sheen Furniture Polish

Cleaning Cloths and scourers SPONGESCOURER


Mop and Bucket

Broom and Dustpan and Brush

Refuse Sacks - Good Quality bags are essential 

Vacuum Cleaner - Use a good quality vacuum cleaner to maximise your efficiency when cleaning.

Wet Floor Signs - SIGNWETFLOORTo ensure there is less of a risk of a slip or trip

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