We're pleased to Confirm after extensive testing, all of our STERiZAR products have been proven to be effective against all enveloped viruses, including all Coronaviruses and SARS-CoV-2.

Please email to request a copy of the certification.


sterizar logo 300wSteriZar Alcohol Free Anti-Bacterial Cleaners

The Sterizar range of alcohol free products offers multi-purpose hard surface cleaners, sanitisers and wipes along with hand sanitising foamers, hand wipes and soaps, all designed to give lasting protection and wellbeing to both the individual and the working environment.

Sterizar Hard Surface Sanitisers are one of the most effective antibacterial sanitisers on the market today, Sterizar is alcohol free and offers an advanced barrier technology.

Sterizar's Hand Sanitiser is a non-alcohol based hand foam that is ideal for a wide range of applications. Alcohol gel's strip away the skins natural oils and severely dry skin with repeated use which actually increases the number of bacteria on the skin. The majority of people today do not wash their hands properly or for long enough and living in a global environment our risk of contracting infectious disease is increasing rapidly. Hand sanitisers are hugely important as research has proven 80% of infections are transmitted by our hands while 80% of germs enter our bodies through our eyes. When a hand sanitiser programme is implemented studies have shown a reduction in absenteeism from 20 – 40%.

Download SteriZar Test DataSterizar is known to kill viruses that are commonly found in the agricultural industry including Red Mite in chickens and Strangle in horses.  It also kills bacteria therefore eradicating smells.  SteriZar can be used on fruit and vegetables to increase shelf life whilst being transported.

Please note, we are unable to despatch Sterizar products to America.


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