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Research shows that the best companies to work for understand the clear link between healthy energised staff and the bottom line and an employee wellbeing programme has become an essential recruitment tool. Sterizar’s range of alcohol free sanitising products give long lasting protection to both the individual and working environment. It contains 95% deionised water, is tested to be skin safe and is 100% biodegradable. Not only this but the range of products has a ph level of 6.5 - 7.3 and is tested to be effective against a range of bacteria and viruses, killing 99.9%.

Sterizar is currently being utilised by many clients from the Healthcare Sector including: Private Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries, Morgues, Nursing Agencies, Dental Surgeries. Not only is the Sterizar range suitable for hand sanitising but also general and specialist cleaning including the effective sanitising of medical instruments. Staff should be encouraged to use the Sterizar range on door handles, banisters, taps, sinks, toilets, buttons/switches and work surfaces, as well as using the hand range regularly. 

Sterizar's hand sanitiser also comes in packaging especially designed for the healthcare sector - a sanitiser with a handy nurse's clip. This is especially useful for busy nurses and doesn't take up valuable pocket space!

TDB’s 24/7 Infection Control Bio-Fogging Service is ideal for this sector too as it provides a quick and cost effective method of sanitising an entire room including all fixtures and fittings with minimal disruption to the area. Click here to read more about our deep clean services. 

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