Colour Coded Cleaning Equipment

In order to ensure the most thorough hygiene standards are maintained, it is important to follow the colour coded cleaning system. Using this system, cleaning areas are designated a colour in order to segregate cleaning equipment in order to reduce cross contamination. Follow the guide below that shows you which colour is suited to which area, and some examples to those types of cleaning.

This simple system is an important step that help to organise your cleaning systems and whilst it is not a legal requirement, it is good practice, especially in commercial environments. 

Janitorial products such as mops, buckets, cloths, sweeping and dusting equipment and more are available in colours according to colour coding that is used universally for janitorial products.

Blue: For General Low Risk Areas. Best used for office and classroom desktops, window ledges, hallways and general dusting and polishing.

Green: For General Food & Bar use. Best used for kitchens, bars, and factories where food is processed.

Red: For Sanitary Fittings & Washroom Floors. Best used for urinals, toilets and washroom floors.

Yellow: For Wash Basins & Washroom Surfaces. Best used for sinks, mirrors, cubicles & tile walls, glass and metal.



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