Workplace Cleaning - Cupboard Essentials

You've decided to get on top of the workplace cleaning and want to make sure you have everything you need to keep the place up to a good standard of hygiene for the safety of anyone who comes onto your premises. Or maybe you've just employed a cleaner and they require equipment to be provided. Don't know where to start? Here is a list of essential products that you should have in your workplace cleaning cupboard to get you started:

Cleaning Supplies:

Multi-purpose cleaner - Eg: Sterizar Hard Surface spray / 5Litre solution. This can be used around the workplace on a variety of surfaces and in lots of different environments. As well as the usual hard surfaces and touch points, this product is also suitable for stainless steel in kitchens, soft play in nurseries or education settings and is even effective on mirrors and much more. The unscented product is tested food safe, is safe for use around children and provides long-lasting protection.  




Good Quality Toilet Cleaner  - Eg - Evans Toilet Cleaner and Descaler. This product removes limescale and soiling quickly and effectively. Regular use will help to prevent build-up of limescale and will provide a clean and fresh fragrance and keep drains and outlets free from odours. With communal toilets having high traffic, they are therefore more susceptible to build-up. Use this product to treat and prevent scale, stains and odours.  



Floor Cleaner Eg - Steri49 Plus Floor Cleaner. Part of the Sterizar range, this floor cleaner can be used on a large number of flooring surfaces. It is both a cleaner and a deodoriser as it kills bacteria, eradicates odours and leaves a fresh lemon scentThis is a cost-effective method of cleaning floors too as it needs to be diluted 1:100 parts to water, meaning one bottle of this will last for a long time. It's tested food safe and is safe for use around children, as well as being non-flammable and irritant free. 


Polish and Dusting ClothsEg - Mr Sheen Furniture Polish. Not only does this product remove dust, but it can remove dirt and fingerprints and helps to prevent dust from settling again once the area has been treated. This can be used on a variety of surfaces and leaves a pleasant fresh scent behind. Use dusting cloths with this product which are perfect for cleaning, polishing and dusting all surfaces and are perfect for removing all dust. 




Cleaning Cloths and scourers - There are different types of cloths and scourers for different tasks. You may need sponge scourers for washing up or cleaning, which have a sponge on one side and a scourer layer on the other. They have anti-grease technology and are specially shaped for easy grip. The green scouring pads can be used for tough clean-up jobs indoors or outdoors and can clean tough, baked on mess. Galvanised pot scourers have heavy duty construction and can remove extra tough burnt-on mess with ease.


 Gloves - Household gloves are suitable for use in many situations. They can be used for washing up, for cleaning washrooms, kitchens and any other general cleaning. Household gloves are designed to protect the wearer from any chemicals or dirt that would otherwise touch the skin. They have grip technology for safety and offer protection against scalds (for example, from hot water).



Mop and Bucket5060B Eg - 15L Plastic Bucket and SieveThis mop bucket can be used both at home and for professional cleaning. Available in Red, Green, Yellow or Blue.This sturdy compact traditional style mop bucket can be used with any type of socket mop, for example this Exel Yarn Mop, which is also available in red, green, yellow or blue. Use with any of our floor cleaners for hygienic and fresh floors. 


Broom and Dustpan and Brush Eg Lobby Dustpan and Brush. This dustpan and brush set is a handy product to have as it is similar to both a broom and a dustpan and brush. It is tall and can be used at standing height to prevent any back damage on the person using it. Use the sturdy brush to sweep debris into the dusptan without having to get to floor level. Features a slight cover on the top to keep any debris from flicking out of the dustpan. 




 Refuse Sacks Good quality bags for waste disposal are essential and it is important to dispose of your waste correctly. There are plenty of bags and sacks to choose from depending on what your refuse needs are. They range from household waste swing liners to heavy duty refuse sacks that can hold up to 20kg. Compostable bags of different sizes for food waste are also a good option if your organisation is trying to be more eco-conscious. 


 Vacuum Cleaner - Eg - Henry Hoover. Use a good quality vacuum cleaner to maximise your efficiency when cleaning. Henry Hoover is the classic commercial vacuum cleaner and is reliable, effective and provides exceptional cleaning. This hoover is lightweight, easily maneuverable thanks to its four castors (wheels) and comes with different attachments and nozzles. It has a 10 metre cable and 9 litre replaceable dust bag and features a changeable intensity control making it suitable for more delicate surfaces. 



Safety Signs - To ensure there is less of a risk of a slip or a trip. When there is cleaning in progress that may cause the risk of injury to a passer-by, there must be a sign of caution. Whether it's a 'wet floor' sign or a 'cleaning in progress' warning, it's important that people are warned of possible slip or trip hazards from cleaning products. Foldable signs do not take up much room in the cleaning cupboard and have a useful carrying handle.  


 Duster Eg - Rainbow Telescopic Duster. Keep those cobwebs at bay with this telescopic extendable duster. The handle on this polyester duster extends to 119cm meaning that those hard to reach places can remain cobweb-free. Perfect for dusting ceilings as well as window and door frames and other places that are difficult to access because of their height.




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