Top Tips for Infection Control

With it being more important than ever to take extra measures to protect the wellbeing of staff, it’s important for everybody to take action to control the risk of any infection spreading. The last thing you need is for all of your staff to be out sick, meaning they still cost the same but no work is actually being completed. What can you do in order to control the potential spread of any infections, whilst also maintaining a happy workplace?


How are infections spread?

The most common ways that infections are spread in the workplace are airborne (droplets spread by coughing and sneezing) and by contact (hands from person to person or by objects and surfaces that have germs on them). 


Check out TDB’s recommendations for what you can do to not only save money and time, but protect the wellbeing of your employees.


  • PLAN

You can advise your staff to make healthy life choices but this may not be enough. Sometimes illness is unavoidable and it does happen, but you can do things to minimise the risk of it happening and in turn, spreading. Do the best thing for your business so that if a staff member is unexpectedly ill, your business can continue to run as usual. Ensure your staff are multi-skilled, so if there are pressing and important projects happening, the load can be shared between the team. Have fresh fruit and water available to your staff, helping to boost their immune system and remind them of the importance of good hygiene.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, many workplaces have had to adapt to make working from home possible, and this can be transferred to the general running of a business. Where possible, make it easier for staff to work from home so that if you have a member of staff who is feeling under the weather but still wants to work, they can work from home instead of coming into the office and infecting more people.

Infection risks are heightened by proximity a lot of the time, so see if you can arrange workplaces so that your staff are spaced away from each other. Making space means the risk of infections spreading through airborne particles is lessened. 


How many places in the office do you have that multiple people touch on a daily, maybe even hourly basis? Doorknobs, taps, water dispensers, fridges, the list goes on. Then there are keyboards, telephones and other general office equipment that is touched constantly.


Hard Surface Wipes 200 Tub


Once you’ve identified the areas that will have the highest germ transfer rates, you can use STERiZAR hard surface wipes which are multipurpose heavy duty, antibacterial and are alcohol free. They can be used on any hard surface including doors, sinks, telephones, air-con filters, work tops and more and can also be used on hands safely. The hard surface wipes are a great product to have around to keep areas safer in between regular cleaning with STERiZAR hard surface cleaner. STERiZAR products are one of the fastest acting and most powerful germ killing products avaiable today, killing 99.99% of bacteria yet remaining alcohol-free and kind to skin. 




You need to keep on top of the cleaning, but it can be hard to remember to do it whilst you’re still working and it may work its way to the bottom of the priorities list when in reality it should always be high. If you don't have a contracted cleaner, integrating small cleaning tasks into the workplace routine and sharing them out between the team is the best way to stay on top of things. Stay organised by certain dates, times and tasks to different members of the team, and create somewhere to mark off so you know it has been completed. 

Download our cleaning schedule by clicking on the icon here: pdficon large

Germs survive and multiply in unclean surroundings and that includes dust. Make sure you are hoovering and removing dust regularly and make sure any spills are cleaned up immediately. 

Cleaning regularly is important, and make sure that your general workplace is kept clean and tidy. Whether you have a cleaner or you do the cleaning in-house, take a look at our 'Workplace Cleaning Cupboard Essentials' blog that guides you through the workplace cleaning essentials and why you need them. 



Sterizar Hand Group



Remind your staff and colleagues of the importance of good hygiene. They should be regularly washing their hands with soap and water or sanitising them with an effective sanitiser when soap and water isn't available, especially after visiting the bathroom and before handling food. Washing or sanitising your hands throughout the day will help to keep germs at bay and stop the transfer of them as you go about your day. 




It's important to have the correct products when carrying out any sort of cleaning, as you want to ensure that cleaning is carried out efficiently. What products can you use to help you and your team achieve the highest level of cleanliness and sanitisation? You need to think about whether they need to wear protective clothing, if wipes and hand sanitiser will do the job, if you need to consider cleaning the whole room with a disinfecting spray or cloth, or if you need to carry out a deep clean with a fogging machine. Read on for our top product recommendations:


nitrile gloves blue


Gloves may be suitable for your staff if they are regularly touching other people. These would be suitable in a care home, hospital, doctors or dentists setting. Powder-free nitrile gloves are not only suitable for latex allergy sufferers but they reduce the absorption of allergens. They are also useful in settings where food is handled and blue is the industry standard colour. 


Disposable Masks

Face Masks are now extremely common and are mandatory in many settings so people don’t have that initial anxiety of ‘feeling silly’ for wearing one. These Type 11R Disposable Face Masks provide nose and mouth protection for the wearer, can help prevent the spread of illness and are ideally suited for Public Sector workers and those working in Health Care.



grey foggerFogging Machines are suitable for most environments from Offices, Nurseries and Schools, Restaurants, Leisure Centres and more. These machines are able to sanitise whole rooms quickly and effectively and gets to work immediately. With minimal disruption and no need to move furniture or equipment, they are a cost and time-effective solution to sanitising premises. Use STERiZAR fogging solution in your fogging machine for a complete immediate deep clean. Read our blog on fogging and Coronavirus here. You can find out more about deep clean services here.




Hand Sanitiser is a useful product to carry in your bag or to have available around workplaces and the home as it can be used to effectively clean hands where soap and water is not available. Get one that is suitable for everybody - we'd recommend Sterizar as it is alcohol free so it is safe and soft for children to use and is kind to skin and the environment. It kills 99.9999% of bacteria, and is effective against Norovirus, Coronavirus, and much more. 




Multi-purpose cleaners that are certified to kill 99.9999% of bacteria should be a staple of any workplace. This particular one can be used on many different surfaces and provides lasting protection. It is food safe in its unscented form and is safe for use around children.




Hopefully you will be able to take away some action points from this list on what you can do to implement infection control within your school or business, or even just for your family home. Please feel free to take a look at our full range of products and contact us if you require any further information. You can message us at or call us on 01202 232640.

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