When it comes to buying disinfectant or sanitizer, it’s important to understand just exactly how much bacteria is killed by the product. Many brands claim to remove a certain percentage of bacteria that initially sounds great, but when you look into it further, not as much bacteria is removed as thought. If you work in a Nursery, Hospital, School, Dentist, Office, or have any surface in your premises that people may work from, eat from and more, it’s imperative these surfaces are safe and free from damaging bacteria.

AT TDB Supply Solutions, based in Wimborne, Dorset and covering all areas across Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Fareham, and multiple areas across the country, we want to ensure you understand log kill rates so you can decide the appropriate product for you to use.

There are different ‘logs’ that determine how much bacteria is actually killed, and what type of cleaning the product is satisfactory for. What we must remember, is that with a claim of 90% bacteria being killed, that means 1 in 10 bacteria survive.

Many bacteria’s can double in size every 20 minutes. This means within the hour, that 1 bacteria that survived is now 3 bacteria. Imagine on a surface there are 1,000,000 bacteria. 90% only kills 1 in 10 of those 1,000,000, and the “1’s” can double every twenty minutes. After the clean, you may have 100,000 bacteria remaining, within the hour this bacteria can multiply to 800,000.

With a solution that kills 99.99%, you kill every 1 in 10,000. In the example that there is a total of 1,000,000 bacteria, there would only be 100 bacteria that remain. Within the hour, you could have 800 bacteria remaining.

There are many logs that products can match themselves against to determine how much bacteria they can kill. 









Casual Cleaning


Thorough Cleaning



High Level Disinfection









1 in 10 survive

1 in 100 survive

1 in 1000 survive

1 in 10,000 survive

1 in 100,000 survive

1 in 1,000,000 survive


Possibility of resistance developing in microbial population

Possibility of resistance developing in microbial population

Still possibility of resistance developing

Must achieve this for EN surface tests

Basis of EN testing. Must achieve this for most suspension tests

Using EN tests, a log 6 reduction would mean 100% kill of bacteria in a test suspension

Hopefully that table makes log kill rates more understandable. Now you know what level of log you need to achieve, or want to achieve, how do you decide which product is most suited to you? That’s where TDB Supply Solutions can step in to help you.

STERiZAR is a range of alcohol free anti-bacterial cleaning solutions. We can offer hard surface cleaners, hand sanitizers, wipes and foamers, floor products, dispensers and more. STERiZAR’s Hand Sanitizer is a non-alcohol based hand foam that is ideal for a wide range of applications. Alcohol gel's strip away the skins natural oils and severely dry skin with repeated use which actually increases the number of bacteria on the skin. The majority of people today do not wash their hands properly or for long enough and living in a global environment our risk of contracting infectious disease is increasing rapidly. Hand sanitizers are hugely important as research has proven 80% of infections are transmitted by our hands while 80% of germs enter our bodies through our eyes. When a hand sanitizer programme is implemented studies have shown a reduction in absenteeism from 20 – 40%.

STERiZAR is known to kill viruses that are commonly found in the agricultural industry including Red Mite in chickens and Strangle in horses.  It also kills bacteria therefore eradicating smells.  STERiZAR can be used on fruit and vegetables to increase shelf life whilst being transported, making it suitable for all industries.

With the current Coronavirus pandemic and everybody keen to protect themselves against COVID-19, ensuring we are using bacteria eradicating products is imperative to getting businesses, education facilities, leisure centres and more, back open whilst keeping staff, patients, schoolchildren and customers as safe as possible. STERiZAR has been proven to be effective against all enveloped viruses as defined in EN 14476:2013 & A2:2019 Annex A*.

If you’re interested in any of our STERiZAR products, please drop a message to info@tdbsupply.com.

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