February’s Products of the Month are STERiZAR tubs of Surface Wipes, Steri-7 Surface Wipes and 80ml Alcohol Hand Santiser.


Why have we chosen this selection of products? Wet wipes are a great cleaning solution to wipe over surfaces and hands and conveniently sized 76% alcohol hand gels are great for killing germs instantly. What do all these have in common? They’re effective against Coronavirus, the pandemic that turned our world upside down in 2020. Help reduce transmission by using these products to clean and sanitise areas and hands.

Why use our sanitising wipes?

A lot of the time when you’re cleaning, you are led to think that the area is clean because you can’t see the contamination. You may think that because you’ve wiped up a spill or some dirt that the area is now safe, but this may not always be the case. Just because you can’t see germs doesn’t mean they aren’t there and they aren’t dangerous. It’s important that you’re using the correct products to clean surfaces with in order to lessen transmission of bacteria and viruses by eliminating them and protecting the area. Both of these hard surface wipes are specially formulated to kill harmful bacteria in seconds, removing dirt that you can see and germs that you can’t.

A question often asked: Do products have to have alcohol content in to be effective against Coronavirus?

The answer: No they don’t! If they contain the correct formula, alcohol-free products such as STERiZAR Hard Surface Wipes and Steri-7 Wipes can be just as effective against bacteria and viruses (including Coronavirus and Norovirus) as alcohol-based products.

Sterizar tub of 200 wipes 

Hard Surface Wipes 200 Tub

 The STERiZAR Multi-Surface Anti-Bacterial Wipes are treated with the STERiZAR liquid that is used in all STERiZAR products. This means that the alcohol-free wipes are non-flammable, safe for children, kind to skin, food safe, halal certified and kills 99.9% of bacteria. No water is required for rinsing and no towel is required for drying. These easily dispensable wipes come in a sturdy tub with a lid that clips back into place to prevent the wipes from drying out.

Like all STERiZAR products, these wipes eliminate odours caused by bacteria. Many disinfectants simply mask odours instead of eliminating them. However, STERiZAR wipes eliminate odours completely because they are able to kill the bacteria that cause odours. Unlike many cleaning products, using STERiZAR will not dry out the user’s skin even after multiple applications and can be used not only on a variety of hard surfaces without damaging them but are safe for use on hands too. To view and download the flyer for this product to see effectiveness of claims made, please click here.


For the month of February, STERiZAR tubs of wipes are on special offer! WAS £8.95, NOW £6.95.

The STERiZAR range of products is considered to be the complete infection control package.


Steri-7 Wipes pack of 80

steri7 wipes


These alcohol-free wipes are in a convenient, stackable packet with a resealable opening and each packet contains 80 wipes. Stock up and store them conveniently on your shelves. These are perfume-free, durable wipes that are effective against a wide range of bacteria and viruses, including Coronavirus. These wipes are especially useful in environments where cross-contamination is possible. They have been tested to be effective against a number of bacteria that have proven to cause dangerous illnesses. These tough yet gentle wipes are also non-corrosive to surfaces. Contact us to order these wipes. 



How to use surface wipes:

Both STERiZAR and Steri-7 wipes can be used in the same way. Take a wipe from the pack (remembering to re-seal the packet so they don’t dry out) and use it to wet a surface, wiping all over. No need to dry with a towel or rinse with water – just give it time to dry by itself and it will not only kill bacteria but will also create a protective barrier on the surface. 


Alcohol (76%) Hand Sanitiser 80ml

80ml dermagel2

No water to wash your hands? No problem! These 80ml hand gels are 76% alcohol content and are perfect for having in your bag, in your pocket, in your desk drawer, around the house or in your car. These effectively eliminate germs from your hands quickly. Keep your hands clean on the go with these convenient hand gels with a handy flip top lid to help avoid unexpected spills and leaks. They also help to prevent transmission of germs from hands and prevent the overall spread of bacteria and viruses. As they are high in alcohol and the NHS states that alcohol-based sanitisers must be 60% alcohol or above to be effective against Coronavirus, these are suitable for both personal and commercial use.

As prices of alcohol-based hand gels have skyrocketed over the last year, we’ve done our best to keep our prices as low as possible for our customers. We are selling our handy 80ml alcohol gels (which are 76% alcohol content) for almost HALF the common retail price. At just £2.15 these effective and powerful hand gels can help you to stay safe anywhere.



To use: No water is required to use this product. Apply a small amount to hands and rub in all over hands, ensuring that you don't miss in between fingers and around fingernails. Don't apply to broken or irritated skin. 

 A question often asked: How much alcohol does an alcohol-based product have to have in it to be effective against Coronavirus?

The answer: If you are using an alcohol-based product, it needs to be 60% alcohol content or above to be effective against Coronavirus. Alcohol based hand sanitisers can also be effective against a number of other bacteria and viruses. 


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