Saturday night takeaways have been a tradition in the UK for a long time, but since hospitality venues were required to close when the Coronavirus pandemic became a national emergency in 2020, takeaways were the only option for the public to support restaurants, pubs and cafes. According to, at the beginning of the UK lockdown in March 2020, 60% of 18-24 year olds surveyed had already begun using takeaway and delivery services more often. You must be aware by now that the market is there, you just need to know how to adapt.


Why should you offer takeaway? This may be a question you have wondered, but during the current climate, it is in your best interests to offer a takeaway option. People are currently more comfortable with dining at home given the health concerns of socialising today as well as the unpredictability of the coronavirus stopping your venue from opening to dine-in customers. However, the public still want to treat themselves to a dining experience that differs from home cooking. The popularity of food delivery services are ever-expanding and so offering a takeaway option can help you to reach more customers.



Is takeaway profitable? In a scenario where your establishment is permitted to welcome diners in and is at full capacity (which these days does not allow for as many patrons as what full capacity used to mean) then you’ll miss out on business by not being able to allow any more customers in. By not offering takeaway you will always be limited to the number of tables you have in your restaurant. Offer takeaway and your reach is unlimited.


Avoid disappointing diners on important dates in hospitality calendars and avoid missing out on valuable business. With customers often turning to dining services during public holidays and special occasions, it is in the best interest of your business to be offering takeaway services when customers are not physically visiting your venue. Operating on takeaway can be easier than you think.  food packaging1

Adapting your menu: Some menus aren’t overly suitable for takeaway but you know that in business it’s all about going with the trends. So to keep with the times and what you know will work, why not trial a new takeaway menu? Start with offering mostly ‘dry’ foods such as burgers, pizzas, sandwiches and similar to avoid risks of spillages and to keep presentation good. Take a look at your restaurant menu and see if it would work for takeaway. It’s likely that it will work just fine but you could always make some small changes to adapt.

Choosing the right packaging: When it comes to takeaway packaging you might be thinking of cardboard pizza boxes and paper burger wraps, but there is so much out there that there is bound to be something suitable for you. Leak-proof containers suitable for things like soups and curries, bags and boxes of different shapes and sizes in different materials. Even reusable tubs are a good option as they are sturdy, leak-proof and reusable for the customer once they’ve emptied it - everyone knows you can never have enough Tupperware in the cupboard – even if the lids do mysteriously go missing over time.


How to let people know of the changes to your business: Word of mouth is a timeless way of spreading news about your business. Tell your regulars, send out an email to your mailing list and, probably most importantly in this day and age, get on social media and promote your updated services. Post on your social media pages, share your information on local groups and put your business on food delivery apps (Such as UberEats, Just Eat, Deliveroo) so that people using these can find you rather than having to seek our your business organically.

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How to carry out the changes: Once you’ve considered your menu, got suitable takeaway packaging and have got a marketing strategy in place, think about delivery. There are many options for you to stop delivery from being a big chunk of your budget if you are just starting out. Offer delivery through existing staff members. If your venue is closed for dine-in, why not redeploy your waiting staff to carry out deliveries? Other options include hiring someone new to do the deliveries or partnering with food delivery apps. Offering collection (and perhaps customer discounts for collection) could save you some trips.

Consider which bags you need to to transport the food to keep it hot when delivering (if you’re doing it yourself – otherwise delivery partners will have their own). We can supply you with insulated food delivery bags of different shapes depending on the type of food you offer.


It’s important to adapt to the times and therefore come out the other side of the pandemic stronger and more business-savvy. 

Get in touch with us to order your takeaway items. We have a huge range and can source anything you might need. We have things such as pizza and burgers boxes, tupperware, food wraps and more, as well as environmentally friendly takeaway items such as cups, napkins, paper bags and wooden cutlery. 

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