This March we are featuring laundry products.

When working in industries where a lot of laundry is regularly done, such as when working in care, hospitality, or with children it can be a real time and money saver to have the correct products and know-how.

We’ve come up with some solutions to some common laundry problems that are faced when laundry is a large part of a business.


Are your clothes and fabrics not lasting as long as expected? A common problem that many face with fabrics that are washed frequently is the deterioration of their quality. Using low quality laundry products can speed up this degeneration process, so using good products when washing fabrics is the key to making your fabrics last longer and keep their quality. This biological laundry detergent is a quality blend of surfactants, anti-redepositants, brightening agents, water softeners and enzymes, giving you a deep clean and keeping your fabrics fresh. Did you know that fabric softener can also help your clothes to last longer? By smoothing the fibres in the clothing, fabric softeners reduce the friction caused when washing, therefore reducing the wear and tear of fabrics, as well as preventing the bobbling of clothing.


Tip: Check that the pockets are empty before washing clothing as a rogue tissue could cause a mess in your machine and be a pain to get out of your washing.

Fabric softener is a key ingredient when taking care of your fabrics. It keeps them soft (as the name suggests) and leaves them smelling fresh too. Fabric softener is particularly useful if you are in a hard water area as this can be tough on the fabrics you are washing and softener can remove some of these harsher minerals. For supreme softness choose our Supreme Fabric Softener and for a floral fresh jasmine scent, choose our Jasmine Fabric Softener. Both of these fabric softeners contain an antistatic agent, making ironing easier and prolonging fabric life.

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Shrinking of clothing and other fabrics is another common laundry problem. Whilst many think that heat is the best way to kill germs and remove stains, using excessive heat when washing certain garments can cause shrinkage, colour fading and other irreversible damage. Always check the label for the manufacturer’s guidance as to what temperature you should be washing fabrics. If you have a good quality detergent and stain remover, you shouldn’t need to use excessive heat to properly remove dirt, contamination or stains – the right products do that for you.

Making sure clothes and fabrics are cleaned properly is important so always follow the instructions on your particular machine and on the products you use. More detergent doesn’t necessarily mean better results - using too much detergent can cause skin irritation and leave soap marks as well as the buildup of soap scum in your machine, causing it to work less efficiently over time.

Tip: Don’t overload the washing machine with too much laundry or the machine will not be able to wash the items inside it properly.

Good stain removal products and techniques are important for the longevity of fabrics and the image you put across as a business. Some stains will need pre-treating, so use some stain remover on the stain and leave it to soak in as per the product instructions to lighten the stain before washing the garment in the machine. We have stain removers in both liquid and powder forms (including this excellent 10L stain remover) which will keep clothes and fabrics looking clean and smelling fresh. 



If you work in hospitality, you must be aware that table linens do get dirty with stains, whether it’s food or drink, and even if the table linen has been washed, customers do not want to see even the faintest of stains on their table cloth when they’re trying to enjoy a nice meal. Even though the cloth may have been through the wash, stains can get embedded deep into the fabric, be difficult to remove and look unattractive to customers. Choose a stain remover that can lift tough stains. Using bleach as a stain remover may damage fabrics over time and is not always an option where colour is involved. This highly concentrated stain remover is suitable to use in place of bleach on stains which cannot be treated with chlorine based bleaches due to the risk of colour removal and fabric damage.



Tip: To avoid colour bleeding in fabrics, try and wash similar colours together, taking special care to separate bright colours from light and whites.

We have a range of Vanish products available too, such as Vanish Crystal White Powder to stop your whites from becoming dull, or you can try this regular Vanish Stain Removing Powder to keep fabrics bright and stain-free. Why not try 4L of Vanish liquid as an easy pre-treat or as an addition to the wash? When it comes to stain remover, it doesn’t have to take much effort or much product. You don’t need to stand scrubbing until the stain goes away and then wash the fabric; it can be as easy as adding a scoop of stain removing powder or liquid to a regular wash.

Our detergent, stain remover, supreme fabric softener and jasmine fabric softeners all come in 10 L bottles. Buying this way means less packaging, less restocking and the concentrated products mean more use out of them.

Cleenol Biological Liquid Laundry Detergent 10L Cleenol Jasmine Fabric Conditioner 10L Cleenol Supreme Fabric Conditioner 10L Cleenol Destain Plus 10L Vanish 2.4kg Crystal WhiteVanish 2.4 PinkVanish Liquid 4L


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