Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer Can Kill Covid in as Little as 15 Seconds


SSterizar Logo advanced barrier controlARS-Cov-2 (the agent of the recent devastating coronavirus disease) is a novel virus and so not too much is known about its sensitivity to disinfection. However, something we do know for sure about the coronavirus is that STERiZAR kills it!



Coronaviruses are enveloped viruses. Did you know that STERiZAR is proven to be effective against all enveloped viruses as defined in EN 14476:2013 & A2:2019 Annex A*? This therefore includes all Coronaviruses and SARS-CoV-2.Sterizar Hand Group



One of the active substances in STERiZAR is benzalkonium chloride which, according to a recent report in the journal of Hospital Infection, ‘has several advantages over alcohol for hand disinfection; it is non-toxic, less irritating to skin, and non-flammable.’ Scientists claimed that ‘switching from alcohol to benzalkonium chloride hand sanitizer can lead to better hand hygiene compliance from healthcare workers, possibly decreasing overall viral contamination of their hands’. The STERiZAR range of hand hygiene products kills 99.9% of bacteria, is manufactured to contain one of the fastest acting and most powerful germ killing properties available today and yet still provides a soft and safe feel to the skin. The STERiZAR range is an ideal alternative to alcohol-based products, which can dry out your hands and do not offer lasting protection.



The information provided in this study is useful in addition to previous tests because it covers more commonly used contact times than other studies, giving better real-world results, especially as they were tested in soiled conditions. Assimilating testing conditions to likely scenarios gives a more trusted result as most people that use surface disinfectants do not leave them on the surfaces for a long time before wiping.



This particular study encourages those in healthcare settings to use disinfectants and hand sanitisers with ingredients that are also found in STERiZAR. The fantastic thing about STERiZAR is that, unlike many cleaning and sanitising products used in the healthcare settings, it isn’t too strong or harmful for use in settings such as the food service industry, in nurseries, schools and pre-schools or in everyday household settings. STERiZAR is tough enough for viruses but soft enough for children!

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As well as a range of hand hygiene products, the STERiZAR range of products includes a wider range of cleaning products. Both the hand hygiene and cleaning products are available in single smaller bottles and in a refill size. The cleaning range is a multipurpose antibacterial, alcohol free cleaner and sanitiser which can be applied to a variety of surfaces including walls, floors, doors, sinks and baths, telephones, air-con filters, work surfaces, mirrors and even soft furnishings, available in sprays, wipes and fogging solutiuon. The hand hygiene range includes hand sanitisers in the form of foams and gels, and an antibacterial hand wash too. Unlike alcohol-based hand sanitisers, STERiZAR is ideal for a wide range of applications, will not dry out the skin, is free from known irritants, is Halal certified and is safe for children to use.



You can access the flyers for the individual STERiZAR products to see effectiveness of claims made on the product profiles on our website. For STERiZAR test data please click here. To request test data for certification against Coronavirus, please email and we can provide you with this.


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