This April we are featuring our NEW Eco-friendly black ripple cups. This month is an especially appropriate one to feature them because Thursday 22nd April is Earth Day, where the theme is ‘Restore Our Earth’, focusing on natural processes and green technology.

LeafWare Black Ripple Cup


What makes these cups feature worthy? These premium quality cups are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable, making them the most environmentally friendly disposable cups available. Please get in touch if you'd like a specific size.

As well as the stylish and modern appearance, the ripple effect on the cup makes for a sturdy cup to hold and gives those who are using it a good grip as well as protection against the cup being immediately too hot to touch. Not only does the drink stay warmer for longer, but it also removes the need for a protective cardboard sleeve, meaning that there will be no extra cost (to your business or to the environment). These black ripple cups contain natural materials and are therefore a sustainable alternative to a regular disposable drinks cup.


As we become more aware of the need to protect our planet and its resources, we are becoming more conscious of responsible waste disposal. The words biodegradable, compostable and recyclable are often used in reference to things being ‘environmentally friendly’ or ‘green’ and are commonly used together or interchangeably. We know that these are positive terms but do we really know what they mean? These terms can confuse well-intentioned people trying to do their bit. Read on as we dig deeper into the technicalities of what they mean and why it is so exciting to have a cup that falls into all three categories!

biodegradable symbolBiodegradable products can be broken down naturally and return to the earth. They can be disposed of in general waste as they can break down in landfills and therefore help to reduce the buildup of waste that sits in our landfills for decades damaging the environment. Some biodegradable products can produce harmful emissions as they break down. However, these particular cups don’t release harmful toxins when decomposing as they are made from natural materials.


compostable symbol1


Compostable products are similar to biodegradable products in that they are intended to be returned to the earth safely. They even provide the earth with nutrients as they are made from natural materials. The main difference is that the process of composting is carried out in a controlled environment as these products require special conditions such as sunlight, wind, drainage and other conditions to be able to break down.


recyclable symbol1Recyclable materials are materials that can be utilized in the production of new materials. They are collected and processed into new materials that can be used when making a whole new product. This benefits the environment because it means that not all new materials need to be produced to make a new product; the new product can be made from processed parts of the old one.

Inside Leafware Black Ripple removebg preview


As takeaway sales have increased significantly over the last year due to it being the only way some hospitality businesses can stay open, more disposable takeaway items are being used and therefore disposed of. The hospitality industry adapting for success doesn’t have to come at the cost of the environment. Choose disposables with the greenest credentials – choose these Leafware ripple cups for a guilt-free option.

Locations such as parks and beaches where kiosks are common are at risk of having the biggest litter problems and this could partially be because many people aren’t sure of the correct way to dispose of items. These cups are clearly marked with ‘biodegradable, compostable, recyclable’ on the inside of the aqueous cup lining so your customers can dispose of them safely. Make these cups a proud part of your business and your customers will be reminded of your commitment to the conservation of the environment with every sip!

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