Good Hygiene Still Essential Despite Coronavirus Vaccine

vaccine.pngThe coronavirus pandemic has made everyone more aware of hygiene practices, in particular, hand hygiene, with government and health services advising us that washing our hands more frequently can help to reduce the spread of infection. Despite the ongoing successful rollout of the vaccine, good hygiene, handwashing, social distancing and the wearing of correct personal protective equipment are still an important part of protecting ourselves and others against Covid-19.

Vaccines can reduce the threat of some diseases if enough people have been vaccinated. The coronavirus vaccine teaches the body to develop immunity to the virus that causes Covid-19. Even though the coronavirus vaccine is designed to prevent people from getting infected and falling ill with Covid-19, it has not yet been established that the vaccination can prevent people from carrying the virus. This is why it is so important to continue to follow government guidelines, social distancing measures, wear face coverings when advised and stay vigilant with hygiene practices. Coronavirus can also be spread through airborne particles, hence the continued need for personal protective equipment such as face masks.

Even though the coronavirus pandemic has swept the globe, hygiene (both personal and environmental) is important for a safe and healthy world, regardless of a pandemic and we must strive to stay safe from other bacteria and viruses too.

Warm water and soap is the recommended way to eliminate bacteria from your hands, but having the correct soap can also aid in preventing thehandwash.png spread of infections. Sterizar antibacterial hand wash is tested to be effective against all enveloped viruses which therefore includes coronavirus. Not only does it kill 99.9% of bacteria, but it also gives lasting protection as it is tested to be effective for 2 hours after rinsing (against test bacteria). Although it is tough on viruses, Sterizar is soft on skin. The alcohol-free formula means that the user’s skin will not be dried out even after repeated use, and it is both food safe and safe for children to use.

Click here to see our hand washing guide on how to properly clean as much bacteria off your hands as possible and protect yourself and those around you from infection.

If warm water and soap are not accessible, hand sanitiser is also an effective way to eliminate germs from hands. There are plenty of forms of hand sanitiser within the Sterizar range, including a foaming sanitiser, a gel sanitiser and even spray sanitisers. Again these are alcohol-free and tested to be effective against coronavirus.

Did you know that alcohol-based products such as hand gels and surface cleaners stop working as soon as they dry? Although they may kill the bacteria at the time, bacteria is free to recolonise after this. Sterizar offers an advanced barrier protection where your hands and surfaces are protected for several hours after application.

Viruses and bacteria can survive on many common surfaces and are therefore easily picked up and transmitted. It is important that regular cleaning is carried out around the home and workplace, especially high traffic areas such as door handles and workplace equipment. When carrying out a general clean, use Sterizar hard surface cleaner which is one of the fastest acting and most powerful germ killing products available today. The multipurpose heavy duty cleaner is antibacterial and alcohol free and can be applied to a variety of surfaces including walls, doors, sinks, baths, telephones, air-con filters, work surfaces, mirrors and even soft furnishings. Similarly, having a tub of Sterizar hard surface wipes handy is a good way for a spruce up germ eradication in between bigger cleans. Customers have reported improvements in staff sickness records and the longevity of the items they clean with Sterizar (one nursery manager noted that “changing mats don’t dry out and crack as often”).

Even though it’s alcohol-free and gentle on skin, the whole Sterizar range is effective against a range of viruses including Coronavirus, Norovirus, E.Coli, Salmonella, Legionella and MRSA. Click here to view and download test data for Sterizar products. Used as a system, the Sterizar range is considered to be the complete infection control package. Whilst the vaccine does give us hope to get back to the way life was ‘pre-covid’, it’s important that we stay on top of strict hygiene practices.


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