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June has been a little disappointing for many with the announcement that coronavirus restrictions would be extended instead of lifted as we thought, but there are plenty of things to look forward to in the future, such as when the restrictions are lifted, bringing back hope for many industries that have suffered because of the pandemic. Let's look forward to a summer of freedom! Stay vigilant with hygiene practices and current restrictions to ensure we only go forwards from now on. 



Did you know...Sterizar Mixed Group

  • Bacteria can increase up to 31% per day on surfaces that are not regularly disinfected
  • 98% of office workers will contract a contagious illness of some kind due to poor workplace hygiene - a shockingly high statistic!

These statistics don't need to apply to you! With regular disinfecting with the correct products, your business can be a safe and hygeinic place to be. Take control of the spread of germs by using Sterizar. The Sterizar range of products is certified to kill a variety of bacteria and viruses including highly contagious ones such Norovirus, Coronavirus and much more. Click here to see the Sterizar test data. Email info@tdbsupply.com to request the Coronavirus certification. Having Sterizar wipes readily available for quick and easy cleaning is a great way to stay on top of things. And luckily for you they're currently on offer at just £5.95 for 200 wipes (down from £8.95).

Keeping illness and infection rates low in the workplace is not only good for morale but for business. Staff still cost the same when they're out sick but no work is being completed. Have sanitisers handy such as Sterizar 600ml Hand Foamer or Sterizar 50ml Hand Gel and have hand washing reminders in places such as the kitchen and washroom, along with Sterizar Antibacterial Hand Wash. Having the Sterizar system in place is one of the best ways to prevent illnesses. For more tips, read our blog: Top Tips for Infection Control.



  Current Discounts May

Great Deals Still On

 We have some excellent deals on some of our most popular products. 

  • Clear Vinyl Powder Free Gloves (in sizes S through to XL) are currently just £4 for a box of 100. These single use gloves offer the wearer protection against everyday dirst and contaminants. They are also ambidextrious with a beaded cuff and smooth surface. Vinyl are a popular choice for many as they are less likely to cause a skin reaction. 
  • Sterizar Surface Wipes are now just £5.95 for a tub of 200 wipes. Treated with the Sterizar formula, the alcohol free advanced sanitising product is effective against Coronavirus, Norovirus, E.Coli and more dangerous viruses. They are also kind to skin and can be used on a variety of surfaces including stainless steel, telephones and even soft furnishings.
  • Sterizar Fogging Solution 5 litres unscented is now only £25.95. This product is food safe in its unscented form, effective against a range of bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus, and gives an immediate kill on treated areas. 



 Colour Coded Cleaning


Featured Blog: Colour Coded Cleaning

Do you follow colour coded cleaning? It is important to follow the colour coded cleaning guide in order to maintain the best hygiene standards, particularly in commercial environments. Each area that requires cleaning is allocated a different colour so everyone knows what products to use in which area and the risk of cross-contamination is lessened. Read our blog here to find out what each colour is used for and follow the guide to keep your hygiene standards high.






Product of the Month: June

This month we have featured Sterizar 5 litre fogging solution as our product of the month. Fogging with Sterizar is a tried and tested method of infection control and prevention and it has become increasingly popular method of infection control since the coronavirus pandemic began in 2020. Not only does Sterizar fogging solution effectively kill 99.9% of bacteria it is tested to be effective against, but it is also a time and cost effective way of sanitising entire areas. In this month's Product of the Month blog, we answer some frequently asked questions about fogging with Sterizar. Read it here for more information.





What's Coming Up in July?

Freedom hopefully! We must prioritise hygiene and continue to prevent the spread of coronavirus so that things can get back to normal as soon as possible. Use us for all your hygiene and janitorial needs! Also, check our our blog section on our website where we delve deeper into products and discuss relevant and useful topics relating to the hygiene, janitorial and catering. 


Did you know you can book a rep to come and visit you to discuss any requirements you might have? Our representatives will adhere to the current coronavirus guidelines. Get in touch if you would like to book a rep.

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