This month we are featuring one of the most popular products in our Clean Up range: Antibacterial Spray and Wipe.

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 Although all restrictions are set to lift in the month of July, the prime minister has stated that ‘this pandemic is not over’. To follow the PM’s advice, we must ‘proceed now with caution’. This means carrying on some of the habits we have picked up throughout the height of the pandemic to slow the spread of coronavirus. Regular cleaning with effective products is a habit that is not attributed just to the pandemic but plays a vital part in everyday health, especially in businesses where you are responsible for the health of others, as coronavirus is not the only health threat out there.

Wherever your place of business, you should regularly wash your hands and wipe down surfaces and touch points with an effective cleaning product.

Did you know that not cleaning properly is one of the most common reasons why businesses in the food industry are prosecuted?

Our Antibacterial Spray and Wipe really is an all-rounder and is perfect for hospitality venues. It can be used on a variety of surfaces and both front of house and back of house for effective cleaning and bacteria eradication. This product can be used throughout the premises, eliminating the need for multiple cleaning products.


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 According to the Food Standards Agency (FSA), “any chemicals used in food establishments to clean and disinfect food contact surfaces and equipment must be approved as food safe”. We can confirm that our Antibacterial Spray and Wipe is tested food safe so can be used to keep food preparation areas free from potentially harmful bacteria without chemically contaminating the food.

In the kitchen especially, you should regularly disinfect equipment and points that are touched the most regularly, such as the fridge, sink, handles and appliances. It is important that work surfaces are cleaned after the use of raw food particularly and before preparing food. This will prevent bacteria transfer between foods and keep the kitchen safe. Make sure your staff are trained in cleaning up properly after themselves and are using a food safe cleaning product in the kitchen such as Antibacterial Spray and Wipe.

Antibacterial Spray and Wipe is not only an excellent product to use in the kitchen, it is also perfect for front of house cleaning too. Use it to clean tables in between customers and for other general purpose cleaning. Pair it with some Optima Lightweight Cloth Rolls or a pack of Lightweight Cloths, both available in colours adhering to colour-coded cleaning (read more about colour coded cleaning here).


WSpray and Wipe 5L CPSW5 removebg previewe have undergone so much so far to find our way out of the coronavirus pandemic and it is important that we do not undo all of our hard work. So keep on managing cleaning as a priority in your business. To keep on top of regular cleaning and ensure that your business carries out appropriate hygiene practices, use a cleaning schedule. To view and download it, click this icon:pdficon large  Keep stocked up on cleaning products too so that you don’t run out. If you are running low, we have quick delivery times, often next day.

Antibacterial Spray and Wipe is available in a 750ml trigger spray for easy and even application. It also comes in a 5 litre container so you can refill your trigger sprays. This has many benefits including being space saving, reducing the need for so many individual plastic bottles and therefore the impact on the environment and is more cost effective too.

Get Antibacterial Spray and Wipe 750ml for only £1.69 or get a 5 litre container of it for just £4.95. You couldn’t ask for better value for such a universal and effective product – that’s why it is so popular with our customers!

To order, follow the links provided on this page or alternatively get in touch: / 01202 232640.


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