This month we are featuring one of our most versatile and popular products:

ptcfed2p b 12150048341Blue Centrefeed Roll

Blue Roll, Centrefeed Roll, Catering Roll, Hygiene Roll – whatever name you give it, you’re sure to have heard of it. The staple of many industries, these practical rolls can be found in almost any working environment, from large commercial kitchens and small independent cafes to mechanic workshops, schools and nurseries and more.

This versatile product can even be used for drying surfaces as well as hands in a flash in the kitchen where using tea towels may not be as hygienic as cloths harbor germs. If you want to do hand drying the proper way though, we also have a range of paper towels suited for exactly this.Commercial Kitchen

Blue centrefeed roll is excellent at absorbing grease and oil and other similar liquids and our highly absorbent roll. In kitchens, oil and grease can not only be dangerous increasing the risk of injury from slipping to anyone in the kitchen but it also increases the risk of grease fires. Washing oil down the drain can be damaging to drainage systems, causing blockages, so use this sturdy blue centrefeed roll for all your absorbent wiping needs. In catering environments the blue roll is especially versatile as the blue colour means that it is easily detected in food preparation areas.

The rolls are also suitable for wiping other oil spills such as those in garages and workshops to save slip risks and mess, and for wiping grease from machinery.

Cleaning FB 1


It can also be used for general cleaning purposes as it can be disposed of after cleaning. When cleaning high germ areas such as washrooms, cleaning with disposable roll rather than a cloth is a more hygienic option. Not only this, but it has been found to leave a streak-free finish when used to clean glass, mirrors and similar.

Schools and nurseries can also benefit from having this on the shelf as this sturdy and strong centrefeed roll is excellent for use in the kitchen, for quick wiping of spills and can be used for general cleaning too.

When buying a product, it’s always better to buy better quality as it works out to be more economical in the long run as you will have to use less. Our 6 pack of 150m blue centrefeed rolls will last and you’ll waste less. When you buy our blue roll you will be making an environmentally friendly choice for a much-used consumable as our blue roll is FSC certified and recycled.



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Use it by unwrapping from the outside or remove the core and pull it from the middle. Whatever industry you are in, you can make use of centrefeed roll.

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